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swapped my innocence for pride

apocalyptica (feat. adam gontier) :: "i don't care"
i try to make you see my side
always trying to stay in line
but your eyes see right through
that's all they do

calexico :: "alone again or"
i won't forget all the times i waited patiently for you
and you'll do just what you choose to do
and i will be alone again tonight, my dear

breaking benjamin :: "sooner or later"
Why am i so pathetic
i know you won't forget it
just call my name, you'll be okay
go ahead and throw my life away

the weakerthans :: "anchorless"
shoebox full of photos; found a grainy mirror
sunken cheeks and slender hands
grocery lists and carbon-copied letters offer silence for my small demands
hey, how'd you get so anchorless?

alice in chains :: "again"
why, why you slap me in the face?
i, i didn't say it was okay
you violate a part of me again, again, again and again

cold war kids :: "hang me up to dry"
all mixed up in the wash
hot water bleeding our colors
you've wrung me out too, too, too many times

matchbox 20 :: "stop"
you'd better stop, stop, stop using me up
you'd better stop 'cause i've had enough
and i'm ready to forget the reasons keeping me here

the beatles :: "nowhere man"
doesn't have a point of view
knows not where he's going to

maroon 5 :: "not coming home"
i'll bet it hurts so bad
to see the strength that i have shown
when you answer the door, pick up the phone
you won't find me, 'cause i'm not coming home

franz ferdinand :: "walk away"
and i am cold
yes, i'm cold
but not as cold as you are
i love the sound of you walking away

Notes. )
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there's a world of war

empires :: "spit the dark"
if hope is a dangerous hole, will you join me?
jump; there's a world of war
will you join me?
eyes closed for lives to open up, to open up

alice in chains :: "rotten apple"
innocence is over
ignorance is spoken
what i see is unreal
i've written my own part

a.f.i. :: "bleed black"
i am destroyed by the inside, i disassociate
i hope to destroy the outside
it will alleviate and elevate me
like water flowing into lungs,
i'm flowing through these days

apocalyptica :: "grace"

celldweller :: "under my feet"
so this is how it feels to suffer
and i had too much to say
but it's over now and i'm going down alone
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Title: Going Straight
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 1248
Pairing: Mostly gen, but some mention of past Angelina/Monroe
Rating: PG-13 for some allusions to sex-like pasttimes
Fandom: Grimm
Summary/Notes: Written for this prompt on the Grimm kink meme. Basically, the process of Monroe's reformation to a big not-so-bad wolf.

It doesn't get easier. It's never going to be easy. He's going to be working on it until the day he dies. )
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Title: Stop, Go
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 945
Pairing: Michael Phelps/Jonathan Horton, in a very slight barely-there preliminary-ish sort of way
Rating: PG for cursing
Fandom: Olympics (swimming/gymnastics)
Summary/Notes: Takes place the afternoon of Monday, August 11 Beijing time -- after the men's 4x100 relay but the day before the men's gymnastics team finals. Basically just me briefly getting the idea to write something with my two favourite Olympians, realizing I didn't have too much of a plot, and going for it anyway, so it doesn't really end so much as... trail off. My very first foray into the exciting and fertile land of Olympicslash! /o\

He makes it happen. Always, right on, seriously, /amazing/. I'm telling you guys, he's /it/. )
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Title: 'Til The Morning Light
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 1208
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Rating: PGish
Fandom/'Verse: Bandom; Belleville-and-Wilmette-'verse
Summary: When the Princess of Belleville enters the rooms meant as workplaces for the Prince of Belleville, he finds his husband -- likely one of the strongest sorcerers in the land, the second (or third, depending on who you ask) most powerful man in the kingdom, and heir to a crown dating back thousands of years -- poking his finger delightedly into a hole in the wall.
Notes: Post-And I Dream Of What I Need and fully a canonical part of this 'verse. Written quickly and haphazardly and un-beta'd-ly for [ profile] lyo's request for fluff, and I really hope that this helps. ♥ (Returning to this corner of the 'verse makes me really happy, also. :>)
Warning: This 'verse contains glossed-over-specifics!mpreg. That is all.

You're usually pretty busy off doing -- whatever things you do that I don't know how to do yet. Maybe trying to beat up people who still don't think I'm a good prince or something, for all I know. )
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Title: The (After) Life Of The Party
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 10340
Pairing: In order of appearance: Gabe Saporta/Vicky-T Asher, sort of pre-Alex Suarez/alwaysagirl!Ryland Blackinton, pre-Gerard Way/Lyn-Z Ballato, Ryan Ross/Keltie Colleen, Spencer Smith/Haley SOMETHING (with briefly-mentioned offscreen Jon Walker/Cassie SOMETHINGELSE, Brendon Urie/Joe Trohman, and alluded-to Tom Conrad/Sean Van Vleet), Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, and Patrick Stump/Greta Salpeter
Rating: PG-13, for cursing and brief sex references.
Fandom/'Verse: Bandom; college AU
Summary: The aftermath of a famous Pete Wentz Party on the campus of an unnamed college; six intertwined ficlets in one 'verse.
Notes: This is for [ profile] lessthangreat's birthday and it's three weeks late -- it's also much, much longer than any of the other birthdayfics I wrote, which I feel kind of guilty for. /o\ But I have always, always wanted to write a college AU -- and, as I told [ profile] burgaw just the other day, the only thing I love more than college AUs are multiple fics within the same college AU 'verse -- and this was just so much fun to do. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT, JERI, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. ♥♥

The picture prompts I received for the fics are linked in the subtitles of each one -- you can probably see where I got some of them, while some are a little more obscure. Fic betaed by the amazing and wonderful [ profile] peridium! ♥ (Subtitle of the fic also stolen from her assessment of the pairings involved! Name of alwaysagirl!Ryland stolen from [ profile] chmclfairytales because I never could have come up with it on my own. ♥)

Everyone knows that Pete Wentz's parties, to put it bluntly, fucking /rock/. )
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Title: Untitled
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 2155
Pairing: Sylar/Mohinder Suresh
Rating: Um, probably R.
Fandom: Heroes
Warning: Uhm, this was meant to be there'safinelinebetweendubconandnoncon, but it strayed closer to the noncon side of the line, I think, so yeah. D:
Summary: For [ profile] razorxrosary for her birthday, and I am seriously reconsidering the wisdom of having dug out this idea for it because I'm paranoid about this one, too. /o\ Also my first foray into Heroesfic at all, let alone this, so augh.

Basically, I have Lots of Thoughts about how Sylar/Mohinder is usually portrayed in fandom, and they can be summed up by OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK DOMESTICITY MAJA SMASH. I said to myself, if I ever write Sylar/Mohinder, it will damn well be complicated and creepy and not fluffy in the least. ...and, um, it was! I think. I also haven't watched Heroes in a long, long time, so yeah. >__>; (Also, it's set between the seasons because I like S1!Mohinder better, dammit.) I hope it worked out decently? ♥ And once again, [ profile] peridium and her five-second betaing are awesome. :D

Mohinder dreams of Sylar that night. )
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Title: The Same Way I Think Of You
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 1210
Pairing: Pete Wentz/Mikey Way
Rating: PGish, probably? I'm so bad at this.
Fandom: Bandom
Summary: For [ profile] emmaheartscake for her birthday! ♥ I was planning on apologizing here since it's not very happy (if not nearly as angsty as I thought it might be), but then I was like "...wait, it's Pete/Mikey." This is also my first time writing them and I'm secretly terrified that someone is going to jump at me and be all WHAT THE FUCK, BITCH, YOU GOT EVERYTHING WRONG >:((((, so um. /o\ Yeah. I hope you like it and it doesn't totally suck! :D; Many thanks to [ profile] peridium for five-second-betaing. ♥

Together, they watch sunsets. // Apart, they watch sunrises. )
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Title: Smythmalion (i'd put a statue of myself upon the shelf)
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 7000
Pairing: Jon Walker/Spencer Smith
Rating: Probably about PG-13 for cursing and mentions of sex
Fandom/'Verse: Bandom; Pygmalion and Galatea AU
Summary: Every single person in the world who's ever created the perfect man, even in their minds, and wished he could be real, Spencer thinks darkly, is seriously lucky that no one exists to grant their wishes. Boy sculpts statue, statue comes to life, boy develops crush on statue-turned-boy, boy freaks the fuck out about how awkward his life is.
Notes: As always, much thanks and love to [ profile] e5chat for being the crazy amazing enablers that they are (<33333); also many thanks to [ profile] lessthangreat and [ profile] peridium for betaing. :D ♥ This fic (being the first real bandom fic I ever started, omg) has fueled a new desire for me to fuse my dorkiness about Greek mythology and my love for bandom, so definitely look for more like this once I think of what to do next. \o/

And then it hits Spencer again, past the vague embarrassment of finding his statue attractive -- his statue's alive, breathing, talking, playing the fucking /bass/, and he sort of feels like fainting again. )
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Title: And I Dream Of What I Need
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 37100
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way (mentioned Mikey Way/Brian Schechter and Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, past Frank Iero/Brendon Urie, and implied Ray Toro/Bob Bryar)
Rating: R? There's not-too-detailed porn.
Fandom/'Verse: Bandom; Belleville and Wilmette-'verse
Summary: When one is the male princess of a magical kingdom, few things come as a surprise anymore. Princess Gerard Way of the kingdom of Belleville sets out on a quest to fulfill a prophecy and encounters dragons, climbs mountains, runs from volcanoes, banters with King Peter of Wilmette, and finds true love along the way.

Written for [ profile] peridium for [ profile] mcr4u; obviously it, um, got a little bit out of hand. o__o Its original estimate was 15k and a good 34k of it was written over the course of two weeks (yeah, that's right). This is officially the longest complete thing I've ever, ever written, fandom or original, and quite possibly my favourite 'verse that I'm now going to be writing in forever and ever, thank you. >__>

LOTS OF PEOPLE TO THANK FOR HELPING CREATE THIS MONSTER. Firstly, the wonderful ladies of e5chat for letting me babble about my ideas when this was just in its fetal stage and convincing me that it was worth expanding into this enormous little fucker (you know who you are ♥). Secondly, [ profile] lessthangreat, [ profile] skyfalling, and [ profile] candidlily for flailing over the first dragon scene and reassuring me that yes, it was actually not bad at all, and then once again for letting me give them a surprise piece of information about something near the end and reacting to it like I hoped they would. A million billion zillion thanks to [ profile] burgaw for foregoing sleep and battling work and faily internets to give me a last-minute beta job for this when I had none; she is utterly amazing, made some great suggestions, and inflated my ego a lot while doing so. A million billion thanks to [ profile] lessthangreat and [ profile] thelemic for providing a test audience and enjoying it more than I'd dared to hope for, also inflating my ego quite a bit.

Last but not least, thank you to [ profile] mcee for inadvertantly giving me my girlfriend to write for, because had I not had the reassurance that my recipient would love whatever I did, I probably wouldn't have had the courage to indulge a billion silly little whims and expand this into what it is now. ♥

It's not at all, Princess Gerard Way of the kingdom of Belleville thinks as he carefully lines the stone of the castle wall with a streak of vivid red, like he's complaining or like he's truly unhappy with his life. )

Part Two
parenthetical: (scene: converses)
Title: Untitled
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 675
Pairing: None intended, but could have very vague slight implied Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way. If you squint.
Rating: PGish?
Fandom/'Verse: Bandom
Summary: For [ profile] toswimand_live's birthday; she requested Mikey and Gabe in the early Jersey scene days. I have to apologize profusely, because I do not like this fic at all; I don't quite hate it, but I feel much more negatively about it than I do almost any of my writing. It's also really short, so seriously, Steph, feel more than free to request something else and I'll eventually get it written because I ended up not liking this at all. I'm sorry. ;____;

'Yeah, you,' he finally says, grinning in the same way he laughs -- like maybe he's amused by a joke Mikey didn't hear, but like that emtion's genuine anyway. )
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Title: It Might Last For Life
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 2864
Pairing: David Cook/alwaysagirl!Michael Johns
Rating: PG-13, I think? Mostly for language.
Fandom/'Verse: American Idol; We Start And End As One-'verse
Summary: Half an hour later, Michelle's cell phone rings. She dives for it, then pulls back, trying to pretend she hasn't -- then figures she's lost all claims to dignity two voicemails ago and dives for it again.
Author's Note: Okay, this one takes some explaining. It's based in the universe of the epic alwaysagirl!Michael fic I'm going to write one day in which, after drunk!top 24 week!sex, there is a pregnancy. There isn't yet proper David/Michael at this point in the timeline (yes, it takes place last Tuesday night). I don't know if this fits into the actual timeline of the fic yet, but I wanted to play with the 'verse a little.

Michelle is, for a moment, tempted to reply with, 'That was my first thought, actually, but now that I really consider it, I decided that the best possible way to round my night off was with underage sex.' )
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Title: Untitled
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 2005
Characters/Pairing: All of Panic at the Disco and Cobra Starship, Pete Wentz; Gabe Saporta/Brendon Urie, mentions of Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith/Jon Walker, and Ryland Blackinton/Alex Suarez
Rating: PG, I guess?
Fandom/'Verse: Bandom! \o/
Summary: My very first RPS ever, because [ profile] rhombal requested it on that I'll-tell-you-about-the-firstborn-of-any-two-characters meme. And, uh, I kind of went overboard because the word "short" next to "fic" does not tend to compute with me. Yeah.

Still, Fueled By Ramen might as well be renamed Fueled By Weird Shit, because Gabe seems to know right away when Brendon wakes up a girl.  )
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Title: Untitled
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 418
Characters: Anthony J. Crowley and him alone! Unless you count him/sin as a pairing.
Rating: Uh, a good PG-13, probably.
Fandom/'Verse: Good Omens
Summary: Written in August of '05 and the last of the catch-up fics.
Warning: Uh, strip clubs?

The pride was evident in the motions of each dancer; confidence skyrocketed as alcohol flowed more and more freely. )
parenthetical: (scene: chair at window)
Titles: None
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Fandom/'Verse: Harry Potter; spoilers for HBP.
Characters/Pairing: Tobias Snape, Eileen Prince, and Severus Snape; Tobias/Eileen, in an angsty bad-marriage way.
Rating: PG-13ish?
Summary: A series of drabbles/drabbles-and-a-fraction centering around Severus, Eileen, and Tobias Snape; written to count down to the release of HBP. Canon created by [ profile] dizmo, [ profile] peridium and myself, respectively, for [ profile] desperatefans.
Warning: HBP spoilers.

Malice drove him to break his vows. Terror drove her to keep hers. 136 words. )

Severus never found out who had murdered his father; that was probably for the best. 136 words. )

Severus Snape knew that he would never marry. 180 words. )

It was the first time since their wedding that he had looked at her with a smile in his eyes. It would be the last. 156 words. )

His voice would get louder, his movements more violent, and he would strike his terrified wife even harder. 144 words. )

Eileen knew she was weak; Tobias had beat the knowledge into her. 166 words. )

No one ever knew the truth about Tobias Snape. 100 words. )

As an adult, Severus still awoke in the middle of the night with fear and cold fury clawing at his throat. 155 words. )

The voices of the dead haunted Severus Snape. 118 words. )

It took him a while to form words; when they came, they were honest and emphatic, truer than any eulogy. 158 words. )

Tobias Snape was dead. Of this Severus was certain. 100 words. )

Severus Snape wished he could forget his father. 118 words. )
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Title: Seventy-Five-Cent Shakespeare
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 382
Characters: Hamlet, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern.
Rating: G, probably.
Fandom/'Verse: Shakespeare (Hamlet)
Summary: And now for something completely different; crack, utter, total crack, and I still blame [ profile] rhombal entirely. Written in July of '05 also.

Could one place the taste of freedom in a Danish? )
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Title: In Which There Is Black Coffee, An Annoyed Apocalyptic Personification, Contamination by Another Name, Biscotti, and an Idealist In A Coffeehouse
Author: [ profile] blindmadness
Word Count: 914
Characters/Pairing: Famine, the NCG (Nameless Coffeehouse Guy), and Pollution; mentions of Famine/Pollution near the end.
Rating: PG?
Fandom/'Verse: Good Omens; vague [ profile] desperatefans influence
Summary: Written in July of '05. The NCG is still one of my favourite OCs.

It is a well-known fact of life that you should never let an idealist work at a coffeehouse. It's only asking for trouble, really. )


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